Second Trimester To Do

Second Trimester To Do List

Second Trimester

The second trimester comes with so many new exciting things! However now that you are probably feeling a bit better, it is time to get down to some of the nitty gritty of this baby growing thing. I have created this post to help you in creating your second trimester to do.

The second trimester was a major breath of fresh air for me. The fog lifted, no more nausea, intense exhaustion, food aversions etc. My energy shoots up quite a bit and I feel mostly ready to tackle the world. It is important to use the time you have feeling good to get the things done that you need to get done. Trust me, it is easier to do these things when you are smaller pregnant, and feeling good than when you are big pregnant and waddling.

10 Things TO DO in the Second Trimester

I want this to be so easy for you that I even created a printable of this awesome post, so that you can have it up on your fridge to help remind you and keep you on track!

  1. Eat Healthy
    • Second trimester is the time where eating healthy becomes even more important. You are hopefully not as nauseas and have a bit more control over what you will eat. Choose healthier options. Women put on the most amount of weight in the shortest amount of time in the second trimester, so try to be mindful of giving in to those salty, greasy, or sugary cravings and instead replace them with fruits and veggies.
  2. Make a Baby Registry
  3. Prenatal Exercise
    • Exercise is important, but keeping your body strong while housing and growing a little baby is also important. You are preparing for a really big workout, so you want to keep your body strong. It can also help with delivery and recovery.
  4. Share the News!
    • How are you going to announce your pregnancy? This is the time to share with your co workers and boss. Your bump may be starting to make itself known, how will you share the news? I love Pinterest for all the fun ideas it has. Follow me on Pinterest to see what I did for my gender reveal announcement.
  5. Start Planning for your Maternity Leave
    • Depending on where you work, your job may offer maternity leave. This is the time to find out all of the details, and start saving for that extra time off. You may also want to consider if you are planning to go back to work and when. Will you be part time? Talk with your spouse and plan together.
  6. Anatomy Scan Appointment
    • What are you having? Boy or Girl? This appointment is often done right at the half way mark, 20 weeks. At this appointment they will check to make sure all the vital organs are forming properly and are right on track.
  7. Start Planning Baby Shower
    • When do you want to have your shower? Who will be in charge? What is the theme? These are things to start thinking about. Pinterest also has great ideas for games, food, shower decorations and more!
  8. Sign up for a Childbirth Class
    • Especially if this is your first or you are trying a different plan out with this pregnancy it is always good to be educated on the whole labor and delivery process. It creates a lot less stress and worry when it comes time to start heading to the hospital. Your spouse should attend with you, they will be your biggest advocate in the hospital.
  9. Start on your Nursery Plans
    • It can take time to start putting things together and setting everything up. Start gathering ideas and maybe collecting a few items so that you aren’t buying everything all at once. Knowing what your plans are will also help in putting together and finalizing your baby registry.
  10. Schedule Date Nights
    • This is vital. Something I wish I had known or been more aware of ahead of time. Schedule those date nights with your spouse. Take advantage of the alone time you have. It will be a bit of a challenge in the beginning when baby is here to find that time as easily. Use this time to grow closer to your spouse and have the big conversations.

Final Thoughts

You have so many exciting things to look forward to in this time, use your time wisely. It is easy to let things slide, but if you take the time to schedule and plan in the second trimester it will help you so much more as you near the end.

You are doing great! I always want to reaffirm to my fellow mom’s that you are so amazing. You may not always get to hear the thank you’s back or the verbal appreciation, but you are such a blessing in your kids lives. Don’t be so hard on yourself and remember that this time is short, so make the best of it. Forgive yourself, forgive your child, have fun and enjoy the little things! Would love to hear if you have anything to add to my list!

Love Mikaela Smith

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