Pull Through Braid

Pull Through Braid Tutorial

I am going to keep this pretty short and sweet! I want to show you today how to achieve a French braid look using a Pull Through Braid technique. It sort of cheats the look of it, without having to juggle multiple strands of hair, and being able to work with one strand of hair at a time!

How to Pull Through Braid

  1. Gather a section as you would starting a braid, and instead of splitting it into 3 strands, secure it with a hair elastic. (depending on the look you are going for that will determine how large this first section will be)
  2. Clip up the hair in that ponytail forward
  3. Gather a section below that first ponytail, you want to make sure you have similar amounts of hair in this section, as you do in your previous section.
  4. Split this gathered section in half.
  5. Drop the clipped away section in between the split section.
  6. Secure the split section with a hair elastic on top of the first section.
  7. Clip away that new top section you just secured.
  8. Gather the section underneath and add hair on both sides to create that french braid look.
  9. Split that section in half.
  10. Drop the clipped away section between the split section.
  11. Secure the split section with a hair elastic creating the new top section.
  12. You should be seeing the pattern at this point. Continue repeating these steps until you have completed the look you are going for!

Video Tutorial of Pull Through Braid

Have Some FUN

Get creative with this pull through braid technique! There are so many fun ways to use this technique in your day to day hairstyling. I would love to see what y’all come up with! Tag me on Instagram Here. I would love to see everything you create, or try out! I have really enjoyed getting such fun feedback from everyone on how they are trying styles out that they never thought they would!

Comment below what some of your hair struggles are! I would love to be able to help you find a solution, so that you and your hair can be friends!

Love Mikaela Smith

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