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First Time Mom Questions Answered

First Time Mom’s are Full of Questions

First time mom’s are full of questions. Being a first time mom comes with new challenges left and right. You have this tiny human who is now your sole responsibility to keeping alive! I don’t even blame you one bit for wanting to know absolutely everything there is to know about caring for a newborn. We have all seen someone go through motherhood, and they either made us excited or worried for our own motherhood journey. Click here to read My Beginners Guide to Mom Life

When I came home from the hospital for the first time with my daughter, I literally thought to myself “oh crap, what now?” I wasn’t sure what to do with her, other than change her diapers, feed her, and put her to sleep. Was that all? I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

First Time Mom’s Most Important FAQ’s Answered

I have collected and researched a few of the FAQ’s of first time moms. I wanted to make this as painless and easy as possible for you, because I get it! It can be so overwhelming to start this whole motherhood journey, and we don’t want to mess up our child. No worries, I got you 😉

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  • Is it true that you feel an immediate love and connection to your baby?
    • The truth is, not always, but it does come. I have talked with so many mom’s about this exact thing. When someone announces their baby is born it usually says “we are so in love, I have never loved anyone more in my life.” Everyone is different, in my case it took me about two days to really start feeling connected to my daughter. I was still trying to grasp onto the reality that I now have a human being to take care of and keep alive.
  • What is up with baby poop?
    • Basically baby poop tells you just about everything that is going on in their tummy’s. I obsessed over my daughters poop for 2-3 weeks. She was slightly jaundice when she was born so it took a little bit for her poop to normalize.
    • The first stage of newborn poop is Meconium. Meconium is this black, tar like poop, that if left unchanged will quickly become a very uncomfortable diaper change. It sticks to their butt like tar.
    • Second stage of newborn poop is the transitional stage. Usually around day 2-4 of their new life, their poop turns to a green color.
    • Third stage of newborn poop is, if breastfed a yellow, green poop color. It really looks like mustard and has some seed-like flecks in it. A formula fed newborn poop resembles a peanut butter-like poop on the brown color spectrum: tan-brown, yellow-brown, or green-brown.
  • How can I tell if my baby is getting enough breastmilk?
    • As a first time mom, I worried a ton about this one. Breastfeeding was already a foreign concept to me, but there are a few ways to tell if your baby is getting enough breastmilk. Is he gaining weight, at a healthy normal rate? Is she having regular diaper changes, and is there a sufficient amount in those diapers? I also would notice when I would have a let down while nursing I noticed my daughter start nursing more intense to keep up with the let down.
    • I actually struggled a bit with nursing in the first few days, so I had someone from the La Leche League come and help me one on one. They were a huge help
  • Is my baby sick?
    • As a first time mom I worried a ton about this one, especially since my daughter was born right when school was starting back up. All the germs being shared and spread can be really worrisome for us new mommies! Call your pediatrician if your baby has a fever of 100.4 or higher when taken rectally.
    • This may not be everyone’s experience, but my daughter after she was born in the first couple of weeks got really congested and had a really light cough (from the drainage). Amongst other moms I talked with, they had said their little one had the same thing. Babies are adjusting to the new world they are in, and sometimes they get a little runny nose and congestion in the first few weeks as they adjust to the new world. I love the nose Frida for the nose congestion and drainage.
  • When can I take my baby out?
    • This one has a ton of mixed opinions, but according to pediatricians in the first two months of a newborns life you should avoid big family or friend get togethers. Those are where all the kissing and hugging happen. They actually say it is way less concerning to go out in public, because people aren’t just coming up to you and holding your baby and kissing and touching your baby.
    • Use your better judgement. I stayed away from big events and such the first couple of months, and had more intimate visits in my home where I was in control of the environment and could make sure hands were being washed and I was right there. I did however go out in public fairly early, I just kept my daughter in her carseat and had a Milk Snob cover over her. This is the cover I used.
  • Am I spoiling my baby or teaching bad habits if I always pick them up when they cry?
    • Those first three months, you should never ignore a baby’s cry. That is their only way of communicating to you that they need something. Those needs range from hunger, need for being held, upset tummy, sleepiness, etc. Remember your baby has spent the last 9 months being snuggled tightly in your tummy.
    • I highly recommend baby wearing for this. In many other countries and societies the women will hold their baby pretty much constantly through baby wearing. It has been said that some of those societies, colic doesn’t exist.
  • Will I ever get sleep again?
    • This is not a yes or no answer. Every baby has a different sleep timeline. There are many amazing ways to help a baby sleep better. Here are a few tips to hopefully help you, if you find that you are not getting sleep.
      • Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it sleep when the baby sleeps. Those first 6 weeks you should be taking it easy anyways. You should try and sleep.
      • Nurse/feed your baby and instead of putting them directly to sleep from there, give them a few minutes between. Lay your baby down when they are still a little awake. It takes time and practice.
      • Swaddle your baby
      • Sound Machines- ones that mimic your uterus sounds.
      • Limit the lengthy naps during the day. No longer than 3 hours. Babies can get their nights and days confused.
      • Don’t be quiet when they are sleeping.
      • If you hear your baby move or make a sound, don’t rush in to get them. Wait a minute or two, you may end up disturbing them mid sleep.

You are AWESOME!

Clearly you are an amazing momma, whether you are a first time mom or you are having your 12th baby! Motherhood is not for the perfect person. You were especially made for this life calling. Your little babe is lucky to have you and your loving heart. There will be mess up’s along the way.

Mom guilt is real, but don’t let it guilt you from living a full life with your children and from taking breaks or asking for help. We as moms can be little too hard on ourselves at times. Don’t let that worry, fear, and guilt pull you down. You got this!

I would love to connect with you and have a community of supportive momma’s. Comment below what your biggest piece of advice for a first time mom is.

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