Summer Hairstyles

Easy Hairstyles for Summer | Using Scarfs

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Easy Hairstyles for Summer

Summer is here, and we all want to wear the fun cute summer hairstyles to the beach or out on our vacation. We want our hair to look Instagram ready, without too much effort. I get it, that is why I am giving you a step by step of how to achieve some very easy hairstyles yet totally trending right now.

Something that is highly trending right now with hairstyles are accessories. ( I am OBSESSED) It takes any hairstyle from being slightly ordinary to flirty and spicy! Hair scarfs and scrunchies are so in right now. Here is a link to the ones I am using. They are so affordable $14 for 10 scrunchy scarfs (the scrunchies and scarfs are able to be separated if you want to use them separately.) These have the cutest pattern from floral to polka dots.

Link to my Youtube Video for this Hair Tutorial

Half Up Bun

I adore this super simple hairstyle.
1. Take your thumbs right around eyebrow level and run them horizontally back until they meet.
2. Gather the hair and taking an elastic, ponytail it off.
3. Hold the ponytail with your index and thumb finger and using the other hand pull small sections of the ponytail to give added fullness on top.
4. Fold the hair ponytail about 1/3 of the way and using the scrunchy scarf wrap it around 1-3 times depending on thickness.
5. Pull any hairs in the front that you like out and make any visual adjustments as desired and you are done!

Inside Out Braided Top Knot

This one looks so fun and really gives the summer vibes!
1. Take a small section from the front, you want the section to be about 1/4 inch thick and about 2 inches wide.
2. Evenly separate the hair into 3 strands.
3. Fold the left strand under the middle section.
4. Fold the right strand over the “new” middle strand.
5. Move back to the left side and take a 1/8-1/4 inch section and combine it with the left strand.
6. Fold that now combine section under the middle section.
7. Repeat all the way back until your head shape starts to dip downward. (keep in mind you want this braid to be about 3 inches wide all the way back.)
8. Ponytail off the braid with an elastic to secure it.
9. Pull on the outer pieces of the braid for fullness and the hair under the braid.
10. You can choose the either create a bun with this look or just a regular ponytail.
11. Grab your scrunchy or scarf and wrap it around to accessorize.

Low Half Up Ponytail

Love the simplicity of this one, but it is still so cute!
1. Place your thumbs about 1 1/2 inches above your ears and diagonally run your fingers up to right below where your head starts moving downward. (You want to use less hair in the ponytail so that the hair not in the ponytail can keep its fullness.)
2. Gently shake the hair to let it have a natural fall.
3. Ponytail it off using an elastic.
4. Pull the hair around your face and pull the pieces in the ponytail to give added fullness and make it look less “perfect.”
5. Ponytail off with the scrunchy scarf and you are done!

Easy Hairstyles and Done!

Psh, that was easy! You did it! I love how simple yet so stylish these are! I really hope that you found these easy and simple to follow. It may take a few tries but you can do it! I have been doing hair since I was 4 years old (I started French braiding and regular braiding at that age). That is a long time of practice. That is almost 20 years. It may take a few tries, but you will find your groove!

Love Mikaela Smith!

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